What We Do
Doing For The Least Ministries in South Texas offers support groups to people with drug and alcohol addictions, from Drug Court (go Search on internet for information on Drug Court), and people coming out of prison, people with personal and family problems. DFTL presents the Faith Principle of scripture with Belief Therapy concepts to address the life controlling problems of our day . The principles of faith and biblical concepts are used to deal with behavior, various addictions, and the lies we believe.
The CASA(Christians Against Substance Abuse) and the Belief and Behavior Groups are instruments that are used to deal with these family problems, financial problems, education and health problems that are behind any addiction.
Our approach to deal with these problems is through the CASA group which is a 12 Step 
Program made from the NewLife Behavior Ministries which provides 13 week lessons for the person taking them. More Info on NLB go to nlbm.org
Belief and Behavior Material comes from Therapon Institute -www.Therapon.org.

These that we teach or the character we call SAM, are caught in the viscous cycle of drugs & alcohol, in and out of jail or prison (see cycle illustration). NO faith, NO God, NO morals, in and out of trouble, in  and out of jail and prison; no friends, only the bad friends that got him into trouble in the first place. He either keeps going through this cycle till he hits a vicious bottom or faces the wages sin- death or he makes a break by faith, he begins to build on a right foundation and makes Jesus the Lord of his life and leaves the old life behind.
This illustration shows the life controlling situation of the people that are in the Belief and Behavior support groups and in the cycle of drugs and crime. This group focuses on what a person believes that effects behavior. The goal is to develop the Christian faith to change the behavior behind the drugs and alcohol. The task is to help them by the help of the Spirit and the Word to break this cycle.

Program Offerings

Support Groups- Christians Against Substance Abuse (CASA) is available to those coming out of jail, on probation, on parole or out of prison. CASA is also available for family members with an incarcerated loved one, people with addictions and compulsive behavior. CASA is for anyone with these types of life controlling problems. The ministry takes the CASA 12 step program into local treatment facilities utilizing a discussion format of the 12 steps. The New Life Behavior and The Faith Process are also offered when needed. These groups are made aware of the local support group ministry.

Belief & Behavior Recovery Group- This group focuses on what a person believes that affects behavior. The goal is to develop Christian faith to change behavior and enhance recovery. Course lesson material includes:
- The Faith Process Study Guide
       The Faith Idea
       Faith in God
       Views of God
- Christ Centered Belief System
       Humanity of Jesus- Book of Luke and Matthew
       Foundation for Life- Book of Matthew Teachings of Jesus
       His Authority
       John's Recovery Book- Faith in who Jesus is & Portraits of Christ

Drug Court- The Drug Court gratefully refers people to us on a weekly basis. These are individuals whose lives are in crisis because they are addicted to alcohol or other deadly drugs. Unless they get help, they will lose their jobs, their marriages, families, freedom and ultimately…their lives. The majority of these have never heard of the churches of Christ.